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I practice a specialised approach to counselling for former members and survivors of cultic groups and relationships including spiritual abuse, religious trauma, various types of undue influence, coercive control and partner abuse.

I have completed my Post-Cult Counselling (P-CC) training with Dr Gillie Jenkinson (from Hope Valley Counselling) who is a very experienced therapist and researcher in the field of post-cult recovery and has devised a P-CC Workbook: A Guide for your Recovery and Growth. This recovery workbook can form the basis of the counselling in a relational psycho-educational approach.

Dr Gillie Jenkinson's PhD research supports other research and clinical findings that indicate that education, leading to understanding how cults gain control, is just as important for recovery as the therapeutic relationship itself.


P-CC includes:

  • Identifying the cult pseudo-identity and building a post-cult identity

  • Understanding the difference between assertive anger and rage

  • Establishing boundaries

  • Narcissism

  • De-briefing any trauma

  • Understanding thought reform

  • Unmasking the cult leader(s)

  • Understanding influence and coercive control


P-CC addresses the need to recover from the cult pseudo-identity. This is achieved by ‘chewing over’ the experience, discarding and eliminating what is not healthy and nourishing, whilst holding onto what is nourishing and moving forward to restore or establish an authentic identity. 

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